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Bistrot de Vins

A dynamic venue dedicated to wine

We proudly present the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona Bistrot de Vins, a fresh and dynamic venue dedicated to wine with more than 700 wines for you to try and an extensive culinary offering prepared by Chef Jordi Vilà.

Its objective is to eliminate the elitism that is so often present in the wine sector. Currently, there is a growing interest in tasting different varieties of beer and we aim to extend this interest to wine. The Wine Bistrot therefore has over 700 wines from Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula, along with wines from the most famous European vineyards for you to taste in different formats: sample glass (2 cl), half glass (5 cl) and full glass (10 cl).

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Marta Rombouts is in charge of the team of sommeliers. The selection of the wines on offer particularly represents traditional wineries, those that have small production runs and use the most artisanal and eco-friendly methods.  These range from: organic wines certified by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Production) where grapevines are treated organically and any chemical processes are controlled and limited by a series of parameters established by the sector; to biodynamic wines, a fast-growing trend – based on the philosophy of the Austrian Rudolf Steiner – that focuses on farming and a series of treatments that have the influence of the moon at their core and where the vines self-regulate within their own ecosystem.

In addition, the culinary offer created by Jordi Vilà manifests his free and easy spirit. The menu design has a conceptual approach and has five different sections:

  • Small morsels
  • Tapes
  • Small dishes
  •  Artisan cheeses
  • Traditional desserts

The menu includes more than 25 dishes, including Lamb & Chips, Xorizo Cake, San Sebastian-style Oysters, Baked tomato-rubbed bread, Marinated Chicken Éclair and Flammkuchen. And we must not forget the Alsatian influence of the founder of Moritz, Louis Moritz, which characterises the company. A culinary offer created with the fun and playful intention of highlighting the philosophy of the Wine Bistrot, i.e., demystifying the wine sector and reaching out to other types of consumers. 

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Bistrot de Vins (Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona)

Wednesday to Friday from 7pm to midnight

Saturdays and Sundays from 1.30pm to midnight

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Contact: telephone - 934 265 114 &

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El Velódromo gastronomic selection

The most emblematic El Velódromo dishes, all of which were created by our gastronomic director, Jordi Vilà.  

That marble flooring! That immense billiards table! That staircase leading to the most authentic attic in the city! Without a doubt, El Velódromo has a special allure, and its gastronomic offering is in line with its image, history and aroma.


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The brewery's kitchen

IMPORTANT: If it is lunch, afternoon tea or dinner time, please stop reading now...

Small dishes, sandwiches, salads, fried food, a fusion of Alsacian and Catalan cuisine at the hands of our director of gastronomy, Jordi Vilà.  



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