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El Velódromo gastronomic selection

The most emblematic El Velódromo dishes, all of which were created by our gastronomic director, Jordi Vilà.  

That marble flooring! That immense billiards table! That staircase leading to the most authentic attic in the city! Without a doubt, El Velódromo has a special allure, and its gastronomic offering is in line with its image, history and aroma.


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All of this enables our chef, Jordi Vilà (who has a Michelin star at the Alkímia) to bring us a menu centred around Catalan cuisine, paying special attention to the produce. Quality produce.

Now close your eyes and try to imagine a place in Barcelona where, between 6 in the morning and 3 in the morning you may eat a wild mushroom fricandó stew, an arròs amb olla de fondo, deep pan rice or a free-range roast chicken (mental note: if you've never heard of these dishes before, hurry up and come and taste them).

Also, Jordi Vilà has taken a step further at El Velódromo. He has created beer-based dishes such as the Moritz style “siscentó” tapa (which has aubergines, tomatoes and mozzarella) or the Epidor “siscentó” (with aubergines and cod brandade). And if that weren't enough, desserts such as “cane rum gran baba”, Bella Helena pears or the traditional crema catalana or crème brûlée should do the trick.

In order to provide a fitting end to food of this magnitude, we will let you into one of the city's best kept secrets: the “21 hours Non-Stop Cocktails”. Flat-rate cocktails which adjust to all time slots. In this way, we may start the day with a warm or chilled coffee, a hangover cocktail covering 5 different types of Bloody Mary, or beer-based cocktails like the Kir Republicà, or the Republican Kir by Moritz. Longing to skip over to number 213 of Muntaner street.

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Brewery bar

Taps serving the beer produced by our micro-brewery directly and more than 300 items on our menu.

This is what you will find in our brewery which draws its inspiration from bars in France, Germany and North-America, with hints of Andalucia, Galicia and Madrid thrown into the mixture. All Moritz style, as always! 

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El 300 del Born

Moritz's gastronomic space in El Born Centre Cultural.

This space is where gastronomy converges with history thanks to an extensive menu based on historical cuisine. 

(El 300 del Born will be closed between 20h and 24h on 20 and 27 August; 3 and 17 September and between September 26 and 30 - both included -. The rest of the days you can visit us from 10am to 24h whenever El Born Centre Cultural is open. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

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El Velódromo

A legendary literary cafe in Barcelona. A clear sample of who we are: tradition and modernity.

A legendary place in Barcelona, where the intellectuals met in the past to play cards, talk about current affairs, write or share experiences. In Moritz we wanted to restore this place, but keeping its original spirit. So we have restored the legendary literary cafe at Muntaner Street, and we open from 6 am to 3 am.


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Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona

A meeting point in the center of Barcelona, where anything can happen. 

Brewery open from 9 am to 3 am; the Moritz Store, a “Concept Store” with a Triticum bakery, a newsstand, unpasteurized fresh beer and design objects; multipurpose rooms where we celebrate cultural events, presentations and parties each day; one of Europe's largest microbreweries... 

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The brewery's kitchen

IMPORTANT: If it is lunch, afternoon tea or dinner time, please stop reading now...

Small dishes, sandwiches, salads, fried food, a fusion of Alsacian and Catalan cuisine at the hands of our director of gastronomy, Jordi Vilà.  



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