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Fàbrica Moritz History

With the passage of time, Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona became a part of the city’s history.

We don’t know why Louis Moritz chose this location for the new headquarters of his business, which he founded in 1856 in the Raval neighborhood. It may seem like we’re kissing up to him because he’s the grand master (which he is!  He started the story that has been around for more than 150 years), but the reality of the matter is that the founder of Moritz Beer was at that time a great visionary.

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The new factory, inaugurated in 1864, was one of the first constructions in the new Eixample neighborhood. In fact, some traces still remain from this factory, which was in operation for more than a century, and it has now become a landmark that is still preserved in the collective history of the residents in the area. With our 21st century vision, perhaps it’s hard to imagine a factory in the heart of Barcelona, but we have to remember that industrial activity mainly took place under the building in a space of over 4500 m2. Important vestiges from the former factory still remain, such as the reinforced concrete tanks manufactured in the 1920’s, and are the company’s authentic crown jewels. Moritz wanted to restore this great center for the city. That’s why the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel has designed and reconverted this immense space into a spectacular place where dining, entertainment, culture and science come together for the residents of Barcelona to enjoy*.

*Or for anyone to enjoy no matter where they come from. Don’t fret, we don’t ask for your ID card at the door.

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Fàbrica Moritz BarcelonaRonda Sant Antoni, 41

Open every day from 7:30 am to 3am

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El 300 del Born

Moritz's gastronomic space in El Born Centre Cultural.

This space is where gastronomy converges with history thanks to an extensive menu based on historical cuisine. 

(El 300 del Born will be closed between 20h and 24h on 20 and 27 August; 3 and 17 September and between September 26 and 30 - both included -. The rest of the days you can visit us from 10am to 24h whenever El Born Centre Cultural is open. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

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El Velódromo

A legendary literary cafe in Barcelona. A clear sample of who we are: tradition and modernity.

A legendary place in Barcelona, where the intellectuals met in the past to play cards, talk about current affairs, write or share experiences. In Moritz we wanted to restore this place, but keeping its original spirit. So we have restored the legendary literary cafe at Muntaner Street, and we open from 6 am to 3 am.


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Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona

A meeting point in the center of Barcelona, where anything can happen. 

Brewery open from 9 am to 3 am; the Moritz Store, a “Concept Store” with a Triticum bakery, a newsstand, unpasteurized fresh beer and design objects; multipurpose rooms where we celebrate cultural events, presentations and parties each day; one of Europe's largest microbreweries... 

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Our History

More than 150 years have gone by since Louis Moritz arrived in Barcelona from Alsace and launched a new beer.

The young Louis Moritz arrived in Barcelona from Alsace more than 150 years ago. This is when the Moritz adventure started, a new beer which was born in the Ronda Sant Antoni, in Barcelona. A true novelty which survives to this day and is a fusion of great tradition and modernity.

You will now be able to see historical images depicting the origin of all of this and enjoy a journey through the most important events which have taken place throughout all these years. 



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