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Louis 1856, El Restaurant


Louis 1856, El Restaurant has just opened! A new culinary venue that will convert the lower ground floor of Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona into a true party. Under the supervision of the Michelin star-rated Chef Jordi Vilà, this new venue will satisfy the most demanding palates and offers innovative touches to the dishes on the menu as well as to the setting in which they are enjoyed.

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Louis 1856, El Restaurant has been designed to be a restaurant for all those who enjoy sharing. Its menu includes large items, cooked to perfection. It draws from French and Italian cuisine, in addition to Catalan cooking and dishes reminiscent of Alsatian gastronomy – we must never forget our origins. Large portions of meat, fish and vegetables served with an array of sauces, butters, creams and cheeses. A veritable festival for lovers of good food.

However, despite the enormous importance of an excellent menu designed to encourage long meals and interesting conversation afterwards, Louis 1856, El Restaurant also believes that the staging of a meal is vital. Prominence is given to the role of the waiters, who not only serve and announce the dishes but also accompany the diners on their journey from the time they arrive at the restaurant to when they carve, slice and plate the food in their presence, offering a show that goes beyond just the restaurant service we are accustomed to.

The Louis 1856, El Restaurant is a venue in which to enjoy a good meal and delicious desserts (that are certainly worth trying). They are prepared under the watchful eye of Jordi Vilà, and, like the rest of the dishes on the menu, are served and prepared in the presence of the diners who can participate in in their creation by selecting the creams that will accompany the pastries, for instance.

A good meal requires good wine, and so the Wine Bistrot has thus been installed at the entrance to the Louis 1856 as a tribute to the great wines that are served with a special menu consisting of cheeses and cured meats and sausages.

This new gastronomic proposal is yet another addition to the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona complex which already has a brewery that serves both Catalan and Alsatian food, and where Jordi Vila’s one Michelin Star restaurant Alkimia is scheduled to open in 2016.

Bon appetit!  


· Where? ·

Louis 1856 (Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona)Ronda Sant Antoni, 41

Wednesday to Sunday:

1pm to 4pm

7.30pm to 11.30pm

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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