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3x2 on Moritz Fresca



12u. x 33cl.

Get ready to enjoy a verrrry refreshing beer. Here's the Moritz Figa Sour, an orange-colored beer with a white and generous foam created by university students as part of the Moritz University project. Aromas of fig and sour fruits give way to a sip where the acidity produced by lactic fermentation combines with the sweetness of the fig, achieving a refreshing combination.

Water, barley malt and hops


Contains barley malt

Maintenance and conservation conditions

Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from sources of foreign odors.

How to use

Serve cold, do not shake before opening.

% Alcohol
4.5% vol
€10.90 (IVA incl.)
2.75 €/L (TAX incl.)


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Tasting and pairing notes

Tasting and pairing notes

Allergens: Contains barley malt


Water, barley malt and hops

Taste / Tasting Note:

Type: Fruit Sour.

Degree of alcohol: 4.5% vol.

Bitterness: 13 IBUS.

Color: 9 EBC.

Foam: White,abundant.

Effervescence: High.

Aroma: Fig and sour fruits.

Body: Light.

Aftertaste: Acidic, prompting salivation, with fruity notes.

Serving temperature: 4 ºC.

Flavor: Acidic with a slight fruit-derived sweetness, very fresh and refreshing.

Cup: Flute.



Fried tapas or those accompanied by mayonnaise and creamy cow cheese.

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