We could describe Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona as a theme park for beer lovers. In this place in the heart of the city, we make fresh unpasteurised beer 365 days per year. We want to show it to you so you can enjoy it during this tour and tasting of 5 of our varieties.

Every Wednesday (7 pm) and Saturday (12 am), we have prepared a session for you to discover every nook and cranny of Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, the very place where we began to make the first beer in Barcelona and where we keep doing so 160 years later. During the tour, you will visit the microbrewery in the basement and taste 5 of our varieties with a master brewer. You’ll also take a Master Tasting box home with you as a souvenir so you can remember the experience.

What does it include? A tour and tasting of 5 varieties of Moritz made at Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

Price: €20

Where? Ronda Sant Antoni, 39

*Adults only over 18


Bookings can be made upon request for closed groups or at least 8 people in English, Spanish or Catalan. Contact us at fabricamoritz@moritz.cat.

Do you want to give the Master Tast away? Come to the Moritz Store and buy a box-experience!

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Price: 20€/person
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