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            LEGAL NOTICE        

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Identity and ownership of the website

The owner of this website is CERVESES MORITZ, SA (hereafter MORITZ), a company inscribed in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, Volume 45334, Page 198, Section 8, Sheet B 187561, Inscription 29, Tax ID number A-61812897 and whose registered address is Ronda Sant Antoni, 39, 08011 Barcelona (Spain). If you would like to get in touch with us, you can do so via our:

  • Contact Form
  • Email: info(@)
  • Telephone: (+34) 902 365 900

Or if you prefer, you can send us a letter to the aforementioned address.

If your query is related to the use of your personal data, or if you would like to unsubscribe to any of our services, we invite you to visit our Privacy Policy.

The following Terms of Use apply to the following domain: and to the following subdomain:


This is a contract

The access, use, navigation and participation in the services and activities of this website attributes to you, from the beginning, the condition of User. If you continue browsing, it is understood that you expressly accept, voluntarily and without reservation, the Terms of Use of this website. If you decide not to accept these terms, you must refrain from accessing and/or using the contents and services that we offer on this website.

Accepting the Terms of Use signifies that you, the User:

  • Declare that you are over eighteen (18) years old and therefore with the legal capacity to access the contents of this website and to use the different features or options offered in the same.
  • Declare that you have read and fully understood in its entirety, the content of these Terms.
  • Declare that all the information that you provide us with when using one of our services is true and exact, without restrictions, reservations or falsities.
  • That in order to use some of the services offered through this website, you explicitly accept the following Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy in relation to the purpose of the data processing previously reported, to send us your personal information.

The use and access to this website is free, notwithstanding the connection and data costs via the corresponding telecommunications network that allows access to the website as the User. 

The User grants MORITZ the right to authorise third parties to exercise the rights granted to MORTIZ under these Terms of Use.

Intellectual and industrial property

Who owns the content of this website?

This website and the information or elements contained in it (including but not limited to its programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its functioning, all designs, texts, graphics, icons, buttons, documents, information, sound and/or image files, designs, source code, amongst others), as well as logos, trademarks, trade names or other hallmarks, industrial or any other signs that are susceptible to industrial and commercial use (hereafter “Website Content”) are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights, of which MORITZ is the owner or license holder or has express authorisation for its use and public communication by legitimate third party owners for their inclusion in the website. 

What limits and authorisations does the use of the content of this website have?

The User undertakes to use the content and tools accessible via this website in an appropriate way, subject to the Law and the present Terms of Use. For this reason, the User expressly agrees not to hold MORITZ liable for any liability to any person that may arise from the use of the Website Content by the User and that was not in accordance with these Terms of Use or with the current law at that time.

Under no circumstances is it understood that by using this website, the User is granted authorisation or any license, nor that any renunciation, transmission, total or partial cessation of intellectual, industrial or image property rights is effected, nor that any right is conferred, nor expectation of said right, without prior explicit and written consent from MORTIZ or from the legitimate owners of said rights.

Specifically, the User is not permitted to modify, alter, copy, reuse, reinterpret, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, send via mail, transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way, all or part of the content, or engage in any action for commercial gain, the content of this website without prior and express authorisation from MORITZ or the corresponding owners.

Any use which is not authorised previously by MORITZ will be considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights that may result in legal proceedings.

In the case of a total or partial breach of the present Terms of Use, MORITZ reserves the right to deny the User access to this website without need for prior warning.

MORITZ authorises the User to view, download or print the Website Content, only under the following conditions:

  • It must be carried out exclusively for personal use, not including website content intended for commercial use, without prior written authorisation from MORITZ.
  • The website must not be used to send unsolicited or unconsented publicity.
  • The website content must not be used to carry out illicit or illegal activities, or those which are not carried out in good faith, or that go against public order.
  • It is prohibited to delete or modify any mentions or notifications which relate to the ownership of copyright, trademarks or any other intellectual property provisions included in the website content.
  • It is prohibited to introduce or spread malicious software (virus or malware) onto the network that could cause damage to the IT systems of the access provider, its suppliers, or third-party users of the internet.


Based on current legislation which regulates the sale, consumption, advertising and supply of alcoholic beverages, such activities are not permitted by minors under the age of eighteen (18) years. By virtue of this, the access, browsing and use of this website by minors is not allowed and is prohibited. 

The user declares and guarantees that they are over eighteen (18) years of age, being able to access the contents of this website and use the different features or options offered in it. However, given the foreseeable difficulties in carrying out a thorough check of the ages of the users, MORITZ will not be held responsible in cases that minors access this website and its contents. It therefore recommends that the legal representatives, parents, or guardians of users under the age of eighteen, carry out the relevant controls of the browsing carried out by minors in order to prevent access to content which is not suitable for their age range.


What responsibilities does MORITZ assume as the owner of this website?

MORITZ will respond solely and exclusively to the User of the services provided, through this website and of the contents directly originated and identified by MORITZ under its hallmark.


What responsibilities is MORITZ excluded from?

MORITZ does not guarantee the continued operation, or the correct visualisation, downloading or use of the information contained in the pages of the website, which may be impeded, made difficult or interrupted by factors or circumstances which are beyond or outside our control.

Specifically, MORITZ does not accept any responsibility for damage, injury, loss, claims or expenses caused by:

  • Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, delays, blockages or disconnections, caused by errors in the telecommunication lines and networks or by any other cause which is beyond the control of the owner of MORITZ.
·       Illegitimate interferences through the use of malicious software of any kind and by any means of communication, such as computer viruses or any others.
  • Improper or inappropriate use of this website.
  • That the User’s expectations are not fulfilled in relation to the website and/or its contents.
·       The reception, obtaining of, storage or diffusion of the contents by its users, as well as their illicit, negligent or fraudulent use, which are contrary to these terms, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order.
  • The occurrence of the causes of force majeure.
·       Or that the configuration of the User's devices is not adequate to permit the correct use of the online information services provided by MORITZ.
  • Security or navigation errors caused by a malfunction in the browser of the User or by their use of out-dated versions.
  • Operational problems with the email address facilitated by the User through the contact email.
  • The use of the contents by its users.
  • The eventual loss of the User’s information for reasons not attributable to the information service provided by MORITZ.


However, MORITZ is at the disposal of all of its users, the authorities and security forces, to actively collaborate in the withdrawal, or blocking, of all content that may affect or contravene national or international legislation, the rights of third parties or morality and public order.

In case that there can be considered to be any content on this website which may be susceptible to this classification, please notify us immediately by the means indicated at the beginning of this legal notice.

Links Policy


This website contains links to other websites, for example, links that are made available to different social networks to share the content of this website or links you can find in the Events section, to the websites of organisations we collaborate with and activities of which we offer information. Such websites which are owned by third parties are the responsibility of the same (hereafter, "Linked Sites").




If you decide to visit any of the Linked Sites, you acknowledge and agree that you do so at your own discretion and that it is your sole responsibility to take all necessary measures to protect yourself against viruses and other destructive elements that may originate from them, furthermore being aware that the terms of use established by the Linked Site in question will also be applicable to you, even though their access may have been via a specific link from this website.


The User agrees to absolve MORITZ from any responsibility for possible infringements of intellectual or industrial property rights by the owners of the Linked Sites, of any responsibility for the technical availability of the same, the quality, reliability, accuracy and/or veracity of the services, information, elements and/or contents which you, as a user, may access.


The creation of any type of link by MORITZ to an external Linked Site does not imply that there is any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependency between MORITZ and the person in charge of the Linked Site. MORITZ does not guarantee, represent, sponsor or endorse any Linked Site owned by third parties linked or cited via this website.

MORITZ will only be held responsible for the contents provided in the Linked Sites insofar that it has genuine knowledge of the illegality and has not deactivated the link with due diligence.

In the circumstance that the User considers there to be a Linked Site with illicit or inappropriate content, you must inform us by any means indicated at the beginning of this legal notice. This communication will not imply the obligation to remove the corresponding link.

Privacy, personal data protection and cookies

MORITZ guarantees full compliance to the obligations that correspond to them in its capacity as data controller, as well as any other obligation that may be attributed to them in accordance with current national and European regulations regarding the Protection of Personal Data.

We gather, use, disclose, transfer and store personal information when necessary in order to provide our services and for our operational and business purposes. We want to make our privacy practices clear so that you can make informed decisions about the use of your information.

MORITZ informs the User that, via this website, personal data is processed in order to respond to queries submitted through our Contact Form , which may involve sending electronic communications relating to news, events and the latest information from MORITZ, provided that you have previously and specifically authorised us to do so, we can then process your personal data in order to be able to exercise of any of these rights.

We also gather data from the "Work with us" section in order to contact you regarding future Moritz job selection processes. Your data will be treated solely for the purpose of evaluating you as a candidate for the job, and we will proceed to block and remove the data six months after the termination of the selection process, unless your data becomes part of the human resources files in the case that you are hired.

Prior to sending us your information you will be clearly informed of how it will be used, as well as how many aspects should be considered by you before providing us with your personal data. If you would like to obtain more information about how MORITZ treats your information, you can visit our Privacy Policy.

MORITZ commits to signing a contract with the data controller whenever third party is contracted a to provide a service which involves accessing or processing the data of the Users of this website, through which instructions for their processing will be detailed with precision, making sure that the technical and organisational security measures which guarantee legal compliance with the processing of personal data are complied with at all times.

MORITZ and our external suppliers create and use cookies and other technologies to carry out certain functions that are considered essential for the effective operation and visualization of the content of this website, to store and manage the preferences of its users (for example, regarding the language of the web), to enable content, to limit requests from Users, to ensure the correct operation of the website and to collect the analytical data of user traffic (for example, to know the route each visitor used to reach our website).

In our Cookies Policy you will find more out information regarding our use of cookies and how you can configure and control them.

Reserving the right to modify the Terms of Use

MORITZ can modify these Terms at any time, in light of the evolution of the website and the contents offered in it, reserving the right to modify, add or remove at any time, unilaterally, some of its present Terms of Use, if considered necessary, either for legal reasons, due to technical reasons, or due to changes in the nature or availability of the website, without having any obligation to notify or inform the User of said modifications, and understanding that their publication on the web is sufficient for them to be made applicable.

Any modification, with respect to Users who use this website. will take effect after said modification. The continued use of this site after the publication of any change, will be considered as an acceptance of the same and said User may be required to accept responsibility for the direct breach of them. In the case of a User not agreeing with the updates to our Terms of Use, you may renounce them by no longer accessing this website or, in case you have provided your personal information, you can exercise your rights as indicated in more detail in our Privacy Policy .

At the end of these Terms of Use, the date of the last update will always be published, so that the changes made will be effective as of that date.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

MORITZ has its headquarters in Spain, so these Legal Terms have been drafted by virtue of Spanish legislation and applicable regulation of the European Union. In case of conflict, claims or complaints which derive from or are related to the use of this website, will be subject to the aforementioned legislation, without prejudice to the principles that regulate the conflict of laws applicable to each case.

The User accepts that the claims or complaints made against MORITZ that arise or are related to the operation or use of this website will be resolved by the court of competent jurisdiction located in Barcelona.

If it were MORITZ who had to present any sort of claim, it will be made before the competent court of the User's domicile, or in Barcelona if it is a legal person or professional non-consumer.

If you access this site from a location outside Spain, you will be held responsible for complying with all applicable local and international laws.

Latest Update

The latest update of the Legal Notice and Terms of Use was made on 05/12/2018.