When consumed in moderation, beer can be part of a balanced lifestyle. We are brewers and we are proud of it. We promote responsible consumption and reducing the harmful use of alcohol. We think it is important that consumers are well informed about alcohol, our products and how they can enjoy them responsibly. It is something we highlight in our packaging, advertising and promotions, as well as through the associations we promote. We offer a wide range of beers with various degrees of alcohol by volume, which increasingly include non-alcoholic beers or beers with a low alcohol content.

Alcohol consumption is an individual choice. Personal risks and benefits should be considered before consuming it. There is evidence to show that there is a relationship between alcohol consumption and some health problems. Alcohol affects people in different ways. For some, moderate alcohol consumption can also increase certain health risks, such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and certain types of cancer. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact your doctor.

Excessive alcohol consumption can have dangerous long-term consequences, such as physical dependence or addiction, and should therefore always be avoided. There are people who should never drink. These include people who are under the legal age, pregnant women, those who have to drive or use machinery and those who cannot control how they drink.

Several governments publish recommended consumption guidelines made available to consumers. Public health authorities are also a good source of information. For more information on alcohol and health, we recommend consulting the following sources: