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Made in Moritz

For all the hours at the park, for the bedtime stories, for teaching you to ride a bike, for picking you up after school, for the good advice, for the complicity, for listening to you when you needed it... There are many reasons to have a gesture for your father, right?

Well, if you want to give him a gift, we make it easy for you with the SuperMan pack.

You know it, open a Moritz and toast together, the best gift!


Contains barley malt

Maintenance and conservation conditions

Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from sources of foreign odors.

How to use

Serve cold, do not shake before opening.

% Alcohol
5,5 % vol
€29.95 (€29.95 / unit) (IVA incl.)

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€29.95 (€29.95 / unit) (IVA incl.)