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Moritz 0,0 Range Pack

12u. x 33cl.

Because variety doesn't have to be just a matter of alcoholic beers. With the Moritz 0,0 Range Pack you have six Moritz 0,0 and six Moritz 0,0 Toast, so that when you get tired of one, you can choose the other. What does it include? 6 Moritz 0.0 33 cl + 6 Moritz 0,0 Toasted 33 cl

Contains barley malt

Maintenance and conservation conditions

Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from sources of foreign odors.

How to use

Serve cold, do not shake before opening.

% Alcohol
0,0 % vol
€19.50 (IVA incl.)
4,92 €/L