Moritz 7 fresh

1 litre bottle
A combination as perfect as that of the body and taste of Moritz 7 deserved to be enjoyed in a fresh format. This unpasteurised Moritz maintains all its aroma and taste, remaining true to the spirit of Moritz 7. A beer that can be enjoyed at any time of day, at lunch, after work or while watching a match with friends. It's no wonder that it's been one of our most prize-winning beers since we launched it. Are you ready to try it?
Water, extra pale barley malts, Deep Roast malt, Nugget hops, and Moritz Lager yeast.
% Alcohol
5,5 % vol
€7.00 (IVA incl.)

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Moritz 7 has all the body and character of a beer made 100% with malted barley. The purity of its completely natural ingredients and the experience and tradition of our brand have joined forces to create a singular and surprising beer.

To make this beer we have recovered the traditional kilning malting process. In it, the malted barley rests at a temperature of 90 ºC in a single step to give it its genuine character. Its aged gold colour tells us that it is a beer that is full of flavour and its persistent mouthfeel will leave no-one indifferent.

Tasting and pairing notes

Tasting and pairing notes

Taste / Tasting Note:

Type: International lager, low fermentation.

Degree of alcohol: 5.5% vol.

Bitterness: 25 IBUS.

Color: 16 EBC (old gold).

Foam: White, fluffy, abundant.

Effervescence: Fine and abundant.

Aroma: Moderate, notes of fresh bread and biscuit with a spicy undertone.

Body: Moderate.

Aftertaste: Slightly bitter and persistent.

Serving temperature: 5 ºC.

Flavor: Intense with toasted cereal sweetness and well balanced bitterness.

Cup: Pilsner type (flute).



With spicy potatoes, cod esqueixada, stuffed peppers or a loin sandwich with cheese; but also ideal for vermouth with olives or anchovies.