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Moritz 0,0 Torrada Pack

12u. x 33cl.

There's no need to forgo good taste to enjoy a 0,0. Moritz 0,0 Torrada is an alcohol-free beer with a magnificent taste. A great alternative to soft drinks. This new beer has a dark amber colour that is almost more pleasing to the eye than it is to the throat. It also contains toasted malt that gives it more body and a taste filled with caramel, coffee and liquorice notes.

Water, barley malt, rice, dietary fiber, hops and aromas


Contains barley malt

Maintenance and conservation conditions

Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from sources of foreign odors.

How to use

Serve cold, do not shake before opening.

% Alcohol
0,0 % vol
€21.15 (IVA incl.)
5.34 €/L (TAX incl.)


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This beer and its toasted malts has the body and force of a toasted beer, but in a 100% healthy format and with a high fibre content.

A beer with a dark amber colour and a white, abundant head. With intense malty nose aromas of caramel, liquorice and coffee. The mouthfeel discloses a notable body accompanied by a light bitterness and notes of toasted grains. With a pleasant, persistent echo.
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Tasting Notes

Allergens: Contais barley malt


Water, barley malt, rice, dietary fiber, hops and aromas

Taste / Tasting Note:

Type: Alcohol free.

Alcohol degree: 0.0% vol.

Bitterness: 20 IBUS.

Color: 20 EBC (dark amber).

Foam: White, abundant.

Effervescence: Light.

Aroma: Caramel, liquorice, coffee.

Body: Medium.

Aftertaste: Toasted cereal, persistent.

Serving temperature: 4 ºC.

Flavor: Notes of caramel and toasted cereals with a slight bitterness.

Cup: Flute.


Coca de recapte, calçots in tempura, tenderloin sandwich with Padrón peppers.

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