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Pack The Three Kings

3u. x 1l.

The three Kings arrive directly from the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona tanks with this perfect pack to give as a gift these holidays, to take to a dinner with friends or enjoy at home any day.

3 bottles of unpasteurized Moritz Fresca from the tank to your glass: Moritz 7, Moritz Epidor and Moritz Negra.



Intense and with all the taste and aroma of an unpasteurised Epidor. A beer that's as good as it sounds, with a spectacular colour and a hint of caramel malt. Yes, you heard right, caramel malt. And with such a creamy, compact body that you won't stray far from its tank in our brewery.



Our most iconic beer, now with a more natural and intense flavour. Moritz Negra fresca, a typical stout ale that maintains its liquorice notes intact when it passes from the tank to the glass. With a soft, creamy, thick and very fine foam.  This Moritz, with its aromas that are reminiscent of coffee and cacao, is perfect for drinking in our brewery on cold days.



A combination as perfect as that of the body and taste of Moritz 7 deserved to be enjoyed in a fresh format. This unpasteurised Moritz maintains all its aroma and taste, remaining true to the spirit of Moritz 7. A beer that can be enjoyed at any time of day, at lunch, after work or while watching a match with friends. It's no wonder that it's been one of our most prize-winning beers since we launched it.  Are you ready to try it?


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A triple malt beer characterised by its excellent body and unique colour. It tastes of caramelised malt with slightly fruity notes from the fermentation process and the pure character, intensity and aromatic expression of malt. The body and long fermentation process give rise to an intense experience with added power.

Created on 28 July 1923 in Barcelona, ​​it was recovered and reinvented in 2009. This beer is the result of an extra toasting of the number one beer in Barcelona since 1856.



Moritz Negra is a dark, opaque beer which is surprisingly easy to drink. Its dark, unfiltered colour is due to the toasted malt and barley.

Its dense, fine, adherent, creamy head allows us to enjoy the toasted aroma that is reminiscent of coffee and liquorice, with light notes of cacao that remain until the very last sip.



Moritz 7 has all the body and character of a beer made 100% with malted barley. The purity of its completely natural ingredients and the experience and tradition of our brand have joined forces to create a singular and surprising beer.

To make this beer we have recovered the traditional kilning malting process. In it, the malted barley rests at a temperature of 90 ºC in a single step to give it its genuine character. Its aged gold colour tells us that it is a beer that is full of flavour and its persistent mouthfeel will leave no-one indifferent.

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