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With an intense and very, very special flavour. That's our Epidor. A beer that's as good as it sounds, because an Epidor couldn't be better. Made with caramel malt. Yes, you heard right, caramel malt, and with such a compact body and unique aroma that each sip will be an awesome experience


Water, barley malt, rice, hops


Contains barley malt

Maintenance and conservation conditions

Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from sources of foreign odors.

How to use

Serve cold, do not shake before opening.

% Alcohol
7,2 % vol
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A triple malt beer characterised by its excellent body and unique colour. It tastes of caramelised malt with slightly fruity notes from the fermentation process and the pure character, intensity and aromatic expression of malt. The body and long fermentation process give rise to an intense experience with added power.

Created on 28 July 1923 in Barcelona, ​​it was recovered and reinvented in 2009. This beer is the result of an extra toasting of the number one beer in Barcelona since 1856.
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Tasting and pairing notes

Tasting and pairing notes

Allergens: Contains barley malt


Water, barley malt, rice, hops

Taste / Tasting Note:

Type: Strong Lager, low fermentation.

Degree of alcohol: 7.2% vol.

Bitterness: 30 IBUS.

Color: 30 EBC (amber).

Foam: Abundant, adherent, whitish.

Effervescence: Soft.

Aroma: Sweet notes of caramel, toffee and dried fruits.

Body: Medium build.

Aftertaste: Dry and slightly bitter.

Serving temperature: 7-8 ºC.

Flavor: Moderately sweet, caramel, hop notes and fruity hints.

Cup: Lager, flute type.

To accompany meat dishes and sausages. Ideal for blue cheeses

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