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Moritz Master tast + Gastronomic experience gift Box

Limited Edition

If you haven't yet visited our brewery, we have the perfect Moritz experience for you to start with the Master Tast Tour and the pairing we have prepared for you. You will start by visiting the cellar where we make our fresh unpasteurised beer 365 days a year, where we'll organise a tasting session of the five Moritz varieties in the company of a beer expert. And to finish, we have a gastronomic proposal that is of the same high standard as our beers, with a pairing menu prepared by the Michelin star chef Jordi Vila. What do you think? Are you ready to spend a fantastic day at the Moritz brewery?

Experience for 2 persons

If you are vegetarian or want a veggie option, we can adapt the menu without any problem for the 2 people.

€86.00 (IVA incl.)